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Week 1: 22 Jan - 28 Jan


RogueReaver welcomes new players to the freshly built public Leaf Spleef minigame at North -128


While showing off his shop at R4, pewet attempts to bribe the customers into doing manual labor with Netherite and Diamonds as incentives.

3.1-Drained-jdorrrrian.png 3.3-Drained-jdorrrrian.png

jDorrrrian celebrates after draining an ocean monument. Incredible job here!


DonutVendor captions this, "first time for everything."


jDorrrrian helps ProtoMC show off his new outfit... maybe we should keep him away from redstone...

6.1-nether-overworld-v3n0mr4c3r.png 6.2-nether-overworld-v3n0mr4c3r.png

If you want it done right, you have to do it yourself, or at least that's the mindset of v3n0mr4c3r who brought the warped and crimson nether biomes to the over world once they realized how far away the biomes truly were. Pesky biomes...

7-shop-jDorrrrian.pngjDorrrrian shows off his new shop. I wonder what is sold there?




IIVSquishyVII shows off her first pet cat! How adorable!





Despite others being persistent, RogueReaver denounces all "licking of the windows" at his shulker farm. No need for the snowmen to melt because of this.


ConfusedLemon has found a big natural cave. What an awesome find!

11.1-base-Gemini.png 11.2-base-Gemini.png

GeminiBrian shows pictures of his "painstaking and laborious" build; the foundation to his new base. "The top platform is 123 diameter and sits atop a 14 block mound of expanding circles."

image-1643480701899.27.50.png 13-first-house-Shinkao.png


WheatenKarma (left) and Shinkao (right) show off their old builds. Wheaten's being from 3 maps ago, and Shinkao's being the very first house they built on TWS!





Brusnica seems to have been helping someone practice their bow skills.





And finally, beta1hit seems to be unlucky in their search for a raid captain.



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