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January: The New Beginnings



The start of a new server may bring joy to some and stress to others. Here's your guide to what's new.

This is a collection of important announcements that were made this month in discord. Discord is always the best place to keep up to date in real time on this information but we will also provide it here for those who do not use the discord server. 


Link to TWS Discord Server

Report any bugs in a discord ticket with as much detail as possible.


Emoji Contest

In honor of TWS Discord achieving Level 3 through Nitro Boosters, an emoji contest was held.


Emoji submission

January 15th - January 22nd


Emoji voting

January 15 - January 26th

 The Emojis that won are:

These are NOT in order of most votes. 

loop.gifgiphy.gifohno.pngLukeRage.pngPowere_up.gifWhenReset.png841044516534616065.gif593507170818195476.webpDropperBlush.pngdog-question-mark2.jpegwelcome (1).png

Spleef [Upcoming Event]
Come one, come all to the spleef event of the century!
2/2/22 at 7pm gmt we will be hosting a spleef event at N44.

Can’t make that day?

Join us on 6/2/22 at 10pm gmt for the same amount of fun :)

Rule Changes

Link to Current Rules

This is the changelog of rules that were modified this month. Please make sure that you modify your base in order to comply with these rules.


25/12/21 Rule 4:

  • Max of 50 hoppers for an auto sorter in ones base
  • Formerly 200

26/12/21 Rule 3:

  • Max of 1 Villager Hall per base
  • Formerly 2

29/12/21 Rule 17:

  • Nether Portal Rules have been updated
  • Formerly 7 wide now 5.

Shop Changes

Link to Shop Guide


Shops are no longer at a player's base, they are located in the Nether Hub above bedrock.


Shops are to be purchased with shop tokens, costing 10 vote points each, and are banned from being sold by players. Prices of shops vary depending on location.


Shop Rules:
  1. Shop Floor (Obsidian and Wooden Planks) are not to be broken
  2. Maximum shop heights: Lower Plots = 10, Top Plots = 18, Corner Plots = 13. 

  3. Being offline for 10 or more days will result in the demolition of your shop.
Shop Searcher Added:

If you are looking for a specific item, /shop may be of use to you.

It displays where an item is sold and how much it can be purchased for.

You can use /getplot [player] in game to see which plot a player owns.

If you own a shop, but your plot does not appear when using /getplot [player], ask staff in chat to add it.

See the video below for more information.

New Server Roles

Community Team
Wiki Team

The Community Team will be replacing the Event Coordinator Team, but will take on a similar role on the server.


Community Manager:

Our community manager will be leading the community team, making sure that events are planned and helping the team succeed in their current projects. Currently, will be taking this position and helping guide the team.


Community Contributor:

This role will not be open for applications. We are looking for members of the community who are active in game, in chat, in Discord or are engaged with the community in other ways. Whether it's building a PVP arena open to all, being active in chat and helping new players, or coming up with ideas for potential events to be hosted in the future.

We know that sometimes information can be scattered and difficult to find. Because of that, we're also adding a Wiki team! We're looking for people who are interested in helping the community in a different way, by helping document helpful information for new players along with useful resources for the most seasoned veteran.


Wiki Manager:

This role will not be open for applications. This role focuses on creating goals for the team, documentation review and revision, and helping make sure that the information we provide is as accurate as possible. Purelove is the current Wiki Manager


Wiki Contributor:

This role is open for applications, which you can find under #staff-applications in the Discord server. We're looking for members of the community who are passionate about finding answers and helping other players on the server. This role isn't writing bland wiki articles, if you have something that you can contribute, feel free to apply! If you have advanced game knowledge, knowledge of the server, or want to record lore, this might be the spot for you.


Other Things!

Staff Changes:
Welcome back Marky and Taggle as staff members! They have returned from a hiatus and are now back. 


Wiki Team Changes:

Welcome Blue_Lithium and kittycats59 to the wiki team!


Community Team Changes:

Welcome RogueReaver to the Community team!


Having issues with chat lagging your game? and fabric-api and it will fix it until Mojang fix it