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February: The Continuation


This is a collection of important announcements that were made this month in discord. Discord is always the best place to keep up to date in real time on this information but we will also provide it here for those who do not use the discord server.

Report any bugs in a discord ticket with as much detail as possible.


Donations will be processed quicker -- Senior Staff can now see who donated
Dynmap Markeres are here!

You can request icons to the dynmap for your home or public farm. Alternatively, if your base is on top of a stronghold you can choose to use an end portal icon (portal must be open and easy to reach).
Requirements for the markers:
- Home: must be your permanent base(well established) and not a starter area.
- One marker/player or group
- Name have to be your IGN or representing your or your group name
- If you wish to add a public farm marker it's best if players can find it here as well

In order the request a marker you have to open a ticket on discord, tell us the requested name and coordinates and what type of marker to use.


Spleef Event - Casual and Tournament

Hosted at N44 on 2/2/22 at 7pm GMT and 6/2/22 at 10pm GMT

2/2 Spleef Winners: Alzke and Shinkao
6/2 Spleef Winners: Taggle, Shinkao, and PeachFactory

Valentine Event - Secret Valentine

Will you be my valentine? On Monday, February 14th, we hosted a Secret Valentine Event!
Find more information by visiting the related announcements post in the Discord!

UHC (Ultra HardCore)

Do you enjoy pvp? like really enjoy pvp, and not being able to respawn?
We are now announcing UHC!!! Hosted on 2/3/22 at 7pm GMT and 6/3/22 at 10pm GMT
**This event will return in the future