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Volume 3 - 24/1/22

Originally captured and captioned by ProtoMC

Welcome, welcome, here are a few snaps from the community over the last couple of days.

3-1.pngFirst up, we have making a pretty 4x4 bedrock hole in the nether. RIP that gear though, he lost it all about 2 minutes after this picture!

Swiftly moving on, not of , but of Chop Land! It’s improving as the days go by – good work!

Next up we have ‘Robbie’ wondering why is holding a carrot and not some fishy snacks! image-1643220271332.png

Talking of snacks, we have Spilltato dropping off supplies from yet another.... afk session!

So on to the base builds, began work on the house at the end of the road.

worked more on Castle v2. Which is almost as impressive as Torch Mountain....image-1643220339810.png

We’re a few weeks in now, and it looks like some players aren’t happy with who they’ve based with… Here’s solving the mystery of where all the food and crops went! Tut tut !

Elsewhere, went on a sensual date. A boat ride whilst looking at the void sky…. What a babe 😍

But it hasn’t been peaceful for everyone, quest for slimes, earned them lots of fans. Look how they flock to their new idol!!

And finally, we end with – battling through the hordes, to discover the secrets of the legendary trident.