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Volume 2 - 15/1/22

Originally captured and captioned by ProtoMC

2-1.pngOver the last couple of days, we’ve seen making friends by designing a new skin… Looking fresh !

2-2.png…and making new friends with bribes…

on the other hand, preferred the quiet life by pulling up a chair and enjoying a spot of night fishing

Whilst others were kicking back, took a moment to see how the build was coming on – before launching into the next phase... its looking sweet my dude!

...and and crew set about making a second Enderman farm… I wonder how this would have played out, if his audience knew what they were up to…

Elsewhere decided they wanted to blow up their old moss farm in style

After catching so many xrayers, decided to take out his frustration on innocent Minecraft mobs.

To wrap up, we return to , making great progress as they head home from another day of adventuring