Shop Rules


  1. You can only own 1 plot per person. You may share a shop with someone else, provided they do not currently own another shop.
  2. After purchasing your plot, you must open it within 7 days.
  3. Shops are only allowed in the hub plots, nowhere else. 
  4. Do not remove the sign showing what plot # and the # of diamonds it is.
  5. Do not use obsidian or lava in your shop build, this makes it harder to take down.
  6. Keep within the dimensions of your shop. All shops are the same size at 9x9x22, including the floor of the plot. This includes items such as armour stands. See below for exceptions.
    RP7Plot-Height.png Examplecorp.png
  7. If you are inactive for 7 days, your shop will be removed. If you know you are going to be away for a little longer message a staff member, they will be able to grant you an extension.
  8. You do not have to fill the boundaries of your plot, so feel free to experiment with different shapes.
  9. When making your shop, make sure you use the plugin for your items. Anything sold without the use of the plugin will not be refunded if they are a victim to theft. 
  10. You are allowed to combine shops that share borders provided none of the plot boundaries are exceeded.
  11. If you share a combined plot with a player and said player(s) are deemed inactive and their shop is due to be removed your combined plot will also be removed.
  12. With the new multi-player shops being created, it is important that each plot follows rule 1 and that they do not sell in each others. 
  13. Shops should be relatively well designed. Any shops that are deemed to be ugly on purpose will lead to a request to redesign.
  14. If you get unwhitelisted or banned, you will lose your plot.
  15. Follow the minimum price for specific items:
  16. Any obvious attempt to avoid these prices such as "buy x for a free beacon with every purchase" will be dealt with as violations of the minimum prices.

Staff reserve the right to remove any shop that breaks these rules.

If your shop is removed open a ticket on discord to retrieve them

We do not refund the diamonds from any shop removed/left.