Shop Rules


  • ONE plot per person.
  • Shops are only allowed in the shop area in the hub. No shops allowed outside of your plot area. This includes your base, spawn, or anywhere else.
  • When you buy your plot you have 7 days to make it active
  • After the 7 days you will lose your plot and wont get your diamonds back.
  • You may ONLY BUILD INSIDE your plot. The only blocks you can change are the Netherrack blocks on the floor, ceiling, two side walls and the back wall (the visible nettherack not behind it just what you can see, shown here)


  • Do not remove the stone around the perimeter of your plot.
  • If you do not use the plugin in your plot and your items get stolen, you wont be refunded. Use the plugin so this doesn't happen!
  • Do not remove the sign showing what plot # and the # of diamonds it is
  • If your plot is ugly you'll be asked to change it
  • Do not use obby in your shop build, this makes it harder for staff to take it down.
  • You must keep your shop stocked and active, if after 7 days dormant you will lose your plot, we can do this without warning
  • If you get unwhitelisted or banned, you will lose your plot
  • If you'll be away for a period of time, holidays, exams, whatever else message a moderator, don't message an admin. 
  • Do not replace the stone blocks in the shop. These are to remain clear. Corner plots are an exception
  • You are allowed to place items within the stone perimeter of the shop, provided that they allow players to stand within the blocks. There is an example below, left is allowed and right is not. If you have any questions please ask a staff member

Shop Dimensions

Plot Size / Dimensions (blocks) Height Width Length
Corner 7 7 7
Regular 7 6 12
Large 8 7 13

These are the dimensions for a empty shop, after building your shops walls it may be smaller.

Thank you.