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Shop FAQ


Demolition of a shop occurs after 10 days of inactivity from the shop plot owner.

General Questions

How do I buy a shop plot?

Using /voteshop and using votepoints, you can buy shop tokens which can be used to buy a shop plot. Once you have the tokens required to buy the plot, simply put them in the barrel of the shop plot you want and contact a moderator/admin so that they confirm your purchase and put your shop on the system.

Are multiple players allowed to share one shop?

Yes, this is allowed. But if a player is sharing a plot with another player, only the owner's villagers will appear with locations in /shop. The items and prices will still appear regardless of who owns the plot.

Can I buy directly from the /shop command?

No, the /shop command is available to show shop locations with items and their prices. Travel to the Nether Hub shop is necessary for a purchase.

What commands exist for shops?

/shop and /getplot [playername]

staff-villager-2-fancy-compact.pngVillager Questions

Am I allowed to use chests and/or barrels in place of a villager?

No. A villager must be used for a shop. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Where can I purchase a shop villager?

They are available for purchase through the /voteshop command and through the Staff owned shop at the nether hub portal.

My villager's items don't show up in /shop, what do I do?

Contact staff.

If I delete my villager, do I get it back?

Yes, you will receive the spawn egg in your inventory.

shop-img-3-fancy-compact.pngShop Build Questions

What are the dimensions of the shops?

Large Shop Plots are 15x15, Medium Shop Plots are 11x11, and Small Shop Plots are 7x7.
Build Height for all plots are limited by world guard region, So you will not be able to build higher than allowed. If you need to know specifics of how high you can build. It's 40 blocks

How much does a shop cost?

Price varies depending on location. They are bought with tokens purchased through the /voteshop command.

Am I allowed to replace the shop floor with a design of my own?

Yes the shop floors (anything inside the concrete barrier) are allowed to be broken. The concrete or terracotta barrier isn't allowed to be removed. 

It says I need to have a container, what kind can I use?

Chests, double chests, and barrels work as containers.