How to setup a shop

Shop plugin guide!


For player item protection in the hub, we use a plugin to control the selling of items in the shop, this short guide will teach you how to open your very own shopkeeper shop.



How to create a shop?

There are 4 different types of shop you can create. These are either Buying, Selling, Trading or Book Shop. Each of these shops do something very different so it's important to know the difference and how you set each one up.
Shops are easy to setup and only require a chest and a villager egg which you can purchase from the egg-shop villagers in the middle of each shop level.

To switch between the shop type, simply right click the egg when facing the air.
To switch between what entity the shopkeeper displays as simply shift right click. They can either be Villager, Snowman, Witch, Evoker, Illusioner or simply a sign.

You can customize each villager when inside the gui with the many different customization tools, you can also name them.


Selling Shop:

Begin by right clicking a chest, this chest will act as your storage for shops and payment. Fill this chest with the items that you wish to stock.


Then proceed by right clicking the place where you would like your villager to be.