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Portal Linking: Basics

What is portal linking?


As a easy way of transport in our server we have our Nether Hub. In this hub we have many cool features such as shops, public enchantment areas, prank board and most importantly tunnels going in different directions, North East South West.

Through these tunnels we are able to create our own tunnels going outwards, at the end of these tunnels we have our very own personal nether portals which link up to our home. These portals are precisely placed in such a position where they link up to the overworld portal. This makes transport much quicker as for every 1 block in the Nether is 8 blocks in the Overworld.

In the tunnels we used either Packed Ice or Blue Ice for quick transport, when riding a boat on these you are able to reach a top speed of 60.606 m/s, this makes from going from Point A to Point B as easy as possible.


How do I create my own tunnel?


Step 1: Head on over to our portal page on the website, this custom tool will be able to help you easily find where to put your nether portal, and which main portal to branch it out from.

Step 2: Once you have receieved the information from the portal page as to where to link your portal, head on over and dig your tunnel straight down into the correct co-ordinates, please follow the tunnel rules and the portals guidance.

Step 3: Place your portal exactly where the website tool told you to do so, if you entered in the correct co-ordinates into the Portal Website Tool then you should perfectly link to your overworld portal.

Step 4: Design your portal, express yourself in a unique design, clearly mark that it is your portal and have fun :D you are now linked up to the hub.

Make sure that you have a block at the start of the tunnel preventing accidental entry into your portal, such as carpets.

Follow all the tunnel rules!